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The Fiscardo Environmental Museum is established in the old elementary school of Fiscardo, situated at the top of the hill in the village of Fiscardo possessing unique view from all sides of surrounding sea and landscape. Both the building and the land were originally donated to the village around 1940 by a rich local named Vandoros.. In 1999 the building was partially offered to FNEC in order to be refreshed and transformed into a Museum.

The entire work in the Museum was undertaken by volunteers, including repairing and refreshing the old building. Early 2000 the first part (1 room) of the Museum was ready and it started receiving visitors. The success was enormous mainly because it is a small unconventional interactive place and visitors are requested to touch in order to learn. In 2001 the Museum had changed completely and now both rooms of the building are used by FNEC volunteers.
Cruise the crystal waters of the Ionian on a traditional wooden caique. From the moment you arrive on board you will be totally looked after, as the group sizes are kept small to ensure a warm and friendly atmosphere. 
Reception can give you additional information, prices and make reservations on your behalf.

For those who love sailing, it is an ideal way to see the beauty of the Ionian Islands. For groups up to 5 people, prices begin from €500.00 per charter. Reception can give you additional information and make reservations on your behalf.
Rent a car and explore the beautiful island of Kefalonia. Prices begin from just €50.00 per day. 
Reception can give you additional information and make reservations on your behalf with a local agent.

Visit the Island of Lefkas or Ithaca for one day with boat excursions made several times per week organised by Nautilus, leaving from Fiskardo. Reception can give you additional information and make reservations on your behalf.

Walk to Dafnoudi Beach and WW2 Gun Emplacements The enchanting walk down the narrow and windy trail to Dafnoudi Beach is truly beautiful. The track takes you through a forest of Olive and Cypress trees and a gorgeous herb scented valley leading you down to the magical pebble cove of Dafnoudi. The tricky access to the beach on foot keeps this cove secluded and quiet, however, during the day it can become busy with people arriving by boat. 

A walk in this area will take you to stunning viewpoints, German gun emplacements remnants of the occupation during WW2, beautiful derelict buildings, cannon mountings used for the guns that guarded the channel and amazing tunneled caves carved into the rock previously used as ammunition stores. A hand map is available at Reception

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The Island

Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian Sea. The island covers an area of 781.5 square kilometers. In accordance to the latest census it has a population of around 40,000. According to the tradition the island’s name has its origins from its first inhabitant, the mythical Kefalos. It is believed that the island appeared during an earthquake, and this is possible since the island lies on the earthquake gap of the Ionian Sea. This is why many disastrous earthquakes occur in rather short periods of time.


The Beaches

Kefalonia is the largest in the group of the Ionian islands, also known as The Eptanisa which lie off the western coast of mainland Greece. The island has a unique bio-diverse climate with an abundance of flora and fauna – some of which is unique only to the island of Kefalonia and home to many protected species making it a nature lovers paradise.



Top up your tan at Myrtos Beach Myrtos beach is Cephalonia ’s postcard pinup! A visit to this beach is a ‘must’ for every traveller to the island. With its steep and windy descent to the long ribbon of white pebble backed by vertical limestone cliffs; a day on this beach is the ultimate in relaxation and ‘getting away from it all’.



"GENTILLINI WINERIES" No visit to Cephalonia is complete without a visit to the world acclaimed Gentilini Winery. At Gentilini you'll get taste after taste of fantastically different wines, informative conversation with our staff and, if you so choose, a private or group tour of the winery with us, the producers. Afterwards you'll have the opportunity to purchase our wines to enjoy during your stay (think picnic on the beach at sunset!) or to take home with you to remind you of your holiday during the long, cold winter months.



We can organize a transfer for you to the Dafnoudi area. The bus will drop you off at the beginning of several short walks and we will provide you with a hand-drawn map of the area so you can find your way around.



WALK TO CASTLE, PRISON AND OLD VENETIAN PATHWAY OF THE ASSOS PENINSULA SHOPS: Assos TAVERNS: Assos PHONES: None on route WALKING: 1 1/2 - 2hrs depending on route taken and stops (see note) GOING: Steady uphill climb. TERRAIN: Rough road and pathway.



OUR BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS V50 SPEEDBOAT IS AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE CHARTER! Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply wish to experience a taste of the high life, ‘FORTUNA’ is perfect for escaping and seeing the island of Kefalonia and its surrounding islands from a totally different and thrilling perspective. Escape to a deserted cove or secluded beach, swim, snorkel or simply relax.


Sports & Other Activities

Sports enthusiasts will find the Emelisse an ideal place for outdoor activities. Become a pro on our Olympic size, astro turfed tennis court either with a partner or play against our tennis ball canon. A brand new Squash court is also available in our hotel. Feel free to take one of our bicycles or go to hiking and discover the local area and deserted villages. Hidden beauty spots will allow you the opportunity to submerge yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian, or snorkel around the hidden coves and unique rock formations. Scuba diving is a unique experience that you shouldn't miss with courses available for beginners to experienced and qualified PADI divers.



Spa Recharge and energize your tired muscles and skin, nourish and condition your hands and feet, and offer yourself the opportunity to relax in our Spa room. You can book directly at the Spa or at Reception Cross Polo Rent our Cross Polo and drive around the island of Kefalonia to discover all its beauty. You can book it through Reception


Emelisse Hotel

The Emelisse Hotel is situated along the rugged shoreline of the emerald Ionion Sea. It sits in a spot of supreme serenity amongst acres of native cypress and cedar trees on the beautiful island of Kefalonia. The pools and outdoor restaurants and bars provide front row seating for an unparalleled display of natures splendour.

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